7 Steps to Create a Personal Strategic Plan for 2022 — Womanhood Unwrapped


Are you really satisfied with everything in your life the way it is, with no improvement or growth required? And if you are, good for you!


I know this may sound elementary or eye-roll worthy. Still, if I don’t set up a dedicated document to this effort each year, I end up with a bunch of half-written notes, stickies, and emails to myself — none of which actually provide me with insight or direction. Get your Doc titled and saved at the outset, so you feel more comfortable returning to it to do the work.


I always start my annual strategic plan by writing an introduction or purpose statement. I know, I know, I am the only one viewing it, so why is this necessary? I’ll tell you why. Because sometimes, when I start writing out my “purpose” for the year, I realize that what comes out on the paper is much different than what I had in my head, and as Sheryl Sandberg said, “We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.”


The next, and most critical step, in my opinion, is to review a) your accomplishments and b) your unmet goals from the previous year. The wonderful thing about having this step occur early in creating your strategic plan is that you’ll find that you accomplished A LOT in the last year, which feels genuinely good. It also makes it easier to get inspired for what you want in the new year! How often do you sit down and write out what you’ve done to improve yourself, your life, and your career? It’s a step I definitely wouldn’t skip because it absolutely informs what’s next.


What values do you currently have, and what do you want to foster in yourself this year? You know who you are and who you want to be at your core. List these out. Some examples include:


Pick 4–6 areas or zones where you will focus your energy throughout the following year. Don’t get too hyperfocused here. The goal is not to lay out every task but to look at the broad areas in your life where you desire to concentrate your energy for the next twelve months. Finally, list out the percentage of time you wish to put toward these zones. An example is below!


Here’s where you can get tactical and into the details. Evaluate your focus zones, then list the goals or steps to get you there.


Conclude your beautifully written and constructed personal strategic plan with a few dates where you will check in with yourself and record your progress. I like to check in quarterly (every three months). Then plug those dates into your calendar with a reminder, so you do it!


I wish you the best of luck with your goal-setting through this strategic planning exercise. If you get started and realize this isn’t for you, don’t beat yourself up. Planning for your year is meant to set you up for a happy and productive twelve months, not add more stress and anxiety. There are many other ways to set goals for yourself; this is just the process that works for me.



Founder of the the Womanhood Unwrapped blog. A platform where women can find content that related to their lives and tell their stories.

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Elisabeth Thomas

Elisabeth Thomas

Founder of the the Womanhood Unwrapped blog. A platform where women can find content that related to their lives and tell their stories.